Facebook login down

facebook login down

Facebook Platform is Healthy. Since May . Between of pm and pm PST, payments was partially down for people trying to pay in games. We resolved. See if Facebook is down for other users. downrightnow monitors user reports and official announcements to detect Facebook outages automatically. Latest Post: Facebook Login for Android failing for some apps 1 year ago. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website .. facebook login problems today. facebook login down

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I have tried almost everything but I couldn't find any solution on my disease, despite all these happening to me, i always spend a lot to buy a HIV drugs from hospital and taking some several medications but no relieve, until one day i was just browsing on the Internet when i came across a great post of! Can not post a status on my page or reply to any comments, or make a comment. Facebook is down yet again, seems to be an issue with Virgin Media yet again which is just plain stupid now…. Done all the normal things to put right but still playing up!! I can reach the service, but I'm having problems. Even tried Firefox, Internet Explore, Chrome all coming up with the above error. How should I connect facebook to with my relatives.


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